Breast Cancer Awareness



breast cancer awareness


Since I am a Breast Cancer Survivor  I want to help bring awareness to this horrible Cancer!

Here is my Breast Cancer Story

I was laying in bed watching tv on March 25, 2015 and when I had rolled over to go to sleep I felt something different underneath me when i laid on my stomach, I thought it was a dog toy or a piece of bone that they like to bring in the bed with them… I turned on my lamp on the night stand and started to feel around and didn’t see or feel anything on the bed, so I started to freak out and instantly gave myself a breast exam laying in bed. I was devestated when I found this lump on my right breast that was a little painful. I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom to continue feeling around and looking for the signs of dimpling and of course, I found it. I immediatley texted my mom and told her what I had found and told her I was going to call and make an appt with my dr in the morning.
So I made the appt and the doctor said he felt the lump but not to be too concerned until I had a mammogram done, it could just be a cyst. I knew in my mind it was more than a cyst and so I immediately made the appt for the mammogram.
On April 1st I had the mammogram and sonogram and my biggest fear was confirmed. I had breast cancer! It was a small tumor, 1.5 cm but it was in deed breast cancer. 2 days later I had 2 biopsies done and those were the MOST painful experience I have ever felt!
The results came back after 3 days and confirmed I had breast cancer and I was Stage 1 grade 1 and the biopsy showed I was HER2 Positive, which means my cancer was Estrogen/progesterone Hormone induced. Which meant I caught this thing VERY early and the doctors were hopeful that we can get this thing out but required a double mastectomy to ensure I removed everything and reduce the chance of the cancer coming back in the other breast since it was hormone induced.
So on April 21, 2015 I had my double Mastectomy with Reconstruction phase 1. The Breast Surgeon removed the tumor along with 5 sentinel lymph nodes to test for cancer and those lymph nodes came back negative which I was SO happy about!
The next step was to start Chemo on June 2 and Get a port put in on May 29th to do my chemo treatments which first invovled me taking Carboplatin, Taxotere and Herceptin(hormone blocker). It was supposed to be 6 treatments (every 3 weeks) but this treatment was very harsh on me and made me SO sick ( i had 3 rounds) I had developed early stages of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) so due to the complications I was having, The Oncologist had switched my chemo treatment to Taxol and Herceptin ( 6 rounds of Taxol) and I am currently finishing up this treatment which next week will be my LAST CHEMO TREATMENT!!! I’m SO excited!!!! You have NO idea! haha!
So with my last chemo being next week I will have to continue doing the Herceptin (hormone Blocker) every 3 weeks for the next 9 months to ensure the hormones aren’t produced to feed and attach to any other cells that can be cancerous and cause cancer somewhere else in my body.  So I still have a little bit more to go on my cancer journey, but the hardest part is almost over and my hair gets to start growing back! I can’t wait for that to happen! I embraced the baldness and went everywhere and got the sympathy stares but I held my head up high knowing I was winning this battle and I was OK with the stares.
OH and I get my final stage of reconstruction in October! The Tissue Expanders that were put in during the double mastectomy surgery and inflated every 2 weeks for 3 months until they reached the maximum size will be removed and replaced with Jelly silicone. I can’t wait to see how those feel and look! These expanders are rock hard and VERY uncomfortable! LOL no seriously, its like sleeping with 2 boulders on your chest.
So stay tuned for the rest of my journey as I start the recovery process of this breast cancer business. 🙂
Be sure to follow my BLOG to stay up to date with my journey!

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One thought on “Breast Cancer Awareness

  1. Christine Marquez says:

    I’m sorry to hear about you having cancer kick its ass I’m reading this because my sister in law was just diagnosed with level 3 breast cancer and were pulling together as a family to help finically as she has no short term disability. I know in my heart you are strong and please fight this with everything in the universe I’ll pray for you


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