Become a Preferred Customer

TRUST ME… Shakeology is not cheap. But it’s also not expensive once you find the true value in drinking it. When I first started drinking Shakeology, I was always eating out. I got breakfast daily at McDonalds, Chikfila or Starbucks costing me about $7-$12 each morning depending what I got OR we would eat out at the office for lunch almost every other day.. Costing me $10-$15 depending on where we got food! It was expensive and 90% of the time, IT WASN’T GOOD FOR ME!

It was pre made breakfast sandwiches with frozen meat and eggs or chinese food or foot long sandwhiches loaded with processed meat. I was so thankful I found Shakeology. This little shake kept me full and satisfied no matter what meal I replaced with it. And at $4 a serving… I SAVED MONEY! YES, I went there. I SAVED money! The initial cost suuuucks, but after a while, I ended up finding more money in my pocket at the end of the week.

But then I found a way to SAVE MORE on this Shake that was changing my life. I found out you can sign up as a coach FOR JUST THE DISCOUNT. Meaning I don’t have to make a single sale, or be a salesperson or do ANYTHING if I don’t want and I could take advantage of the 25% discount. TRUE STORY!


The discount for coaches is 25% off ANY Beachbody products including Shakeology and Supplements. There is the coaching fee of $15.95 to keep the account open and allow you the discounts. Even with that you are saving just about $17-$18 a month! Active Duty Military and their Spouses as well as all Veterans can take advantage of the additional savings of the $15.95 business fee being waived as a Thank you from Team Beachbody for all you do.

how do you sign up as a coach

Signing up for the discount is simple. You sign up as a coach with the purchase of your Challenge Pack. Which is a fitness program & Shakeology. When you do that, Team Beachbody waives the coach sign up fee (normally $39.95) so all you are paying for is the discounted Challenge Pack. After that, EVERYTHING is 25% off for you.

4-levels-of-beachbody-coachingThe beauty of being a ‘DISCOUNT COACH’ is that iT acts as a Preferred Customer. If during any month you want to try and get your Shakeology PAID FOR COMPLETELY, you can refer 3 friends to sign up under you and Beachbody will send you the commission for each of them. All you need is 3 in one month and it will be enough earnings to cover the cost of Shakeology (+ some extra).

Whether you want to work the Business,(click here for more info on being a working Coach!) or be just a Discount Coach/Preferred customer, as a coach, you will ALWAYS have the support of the Team Beachbody coaching community. Specifically from ME, Jen Gundlach.






Jen Gundlach