Hi I’m Jen! Welcome to my page!

Here’s a little info about me!

I’m a mom, christian, Cowboys fan and Younique Presenter! I love makeup and since I have found Younique Brand, I have loved the products and decided to become a Presenter for them to help you ladies find a great product and feel more confident in your own skin!




I’m a recent Breast Cancer Survivor! I have been on my journey back to health and fitness while after a dramatic weightloss I found a lump and got seen quickly only to discover I have Stage 1 breast cancer! Thankfully I was able to catch this early enough. I am documenting my health and fitness and my battle with Cancer to help inspire others. I have been cancer free since 4/21/15!

Keep up with my breast cancer journey on my blog or on Instagram ( @The_Jen_Gundlach)

I have had major weight problems, back and forth from 20-40 lbs… to finally gaining 100lbs in the past 3 years.
I am now taking my life back in getting in control of myself and I am ready to lose that 100 pounds I gained! I am just starting out again but I am ready to do this and with support of my kids as well as my friends and family, I know I can do this and be back to where I was several years ago! I’ve had different health issues and now I’m trying to take back my life and become healthy again!



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