Hi I’m Jen! Welcome to my page!

Jen GundlachHere’s a little info about me!

I’m a mom, christian, photographer and coach! My primary business is photography. I love everything about it. It’s my passion but my second passion is fitness and getting healthy.




I’m a recent Breast Cancer Survivor! I have been on my journey back to health and fitness while after a dramatic weightloss I found a lump and got seen quickly only to discover I have Stage 1 breast cancer! Thankfully I was able to catch this early enough. I am documenting my health and fitness and my battle with Cancer to help inspire others.

Keep up with my breast cancer journey on my blog or on Instagram ( @The_Jen_Gundlach)

I have had major weight problems, back and forth from 20-40 lbs… to finally gaining 100lbs in the past 3 years.
I am now taking my life back in getting in control of myself and I am ready to lose that 100 pounds I gained! I am just starting out again but I am ready to do this and with support of my kids as well as my friends and family, I know I can do this and be back to where I was several years ago! I was a product of the product then with Shakeology and I will be there again now with the help of Shakeology and The 21 Day Fix and other beachbody programs! I’m Ready to do this and I’m ready to help you as well! Lets be accountable for eachother! Together we can do this!


Jen Gundlach


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