Sneak Peek of Leo Alexander’s Birth! 11-22-15

I had the honor of photographing this birth for my cousin!

I missed her last birth with Anthony when I was living in Jax, FL.  So I made it a point to be there the second she went in to the hospital to be sure to capture everything!

I got there and we waited several hours for them to get her started and get her on the schedule for a C-Section. She was having contractions all day and they were inconsistent. finally they had her scheduled  for 8pm, but they didn’t take her back to well after 815pm and by the time daddy and I got back to the OR it was about 845pm. Leo was born at 8:57pm.

Welcome to the world Leo Alexander! You are SO loved!

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Birth137WEB Birth147webbw Birth156web Birth160web Birth177webbw Birth252web Birth287webbw Birth301webbw Birth364web Birth426web


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