My Results from the 21 day Fix Nov 2015


I wasn’t sure how this round would go since I was NOT able to do any of the workouts, just the clean eating and portion control. SO, with JUST eating clean and healthy I lost 9 pounds and 12 inches!!!! Here’s a Before/After to show you the BIG difference in JUST 21 DAYS of clean eating!!!

Top: Nov 2, 2015

Bottom: Nov 23, 2015

21dayfix before/after

I’m starting a NEW round of The 21 Day Fix on Dec 1st if you would like to join me you HAVE to order your challenge pack TODAY in order for it to get here in time to start on Dec 1st!

Let me help you on your journey to get fit and healthy and together we can be HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!  Show everyone that you can do the YEAR END RESOLUTION instead of the New Year resolution! You don’t have to wait until Jan…. You can start NOW!!!

I’m also starting a CIZE challenge group on Dec. 7th if you would like to join that group as well or instead.

To order your 21 day fix challenge pack go HERE

to order your CIZE challenge pack go HERE

BTW, did you see the hair growth progress?! it’s growing in quickly!!!! WOOT! 2 months post chemo!!!

#breastcancersurvivor #chemohair #chemosucks #gettingmyselfbacktohealthy

For more info on Challenge groups go HERE!




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