Quick update on my breast reconstruction surgery 10-23-15


I had surgery yesterday and was there for over 8 hours from start to finish. They wouldn’t let me go until my pain levels went down. Got home around  10ish pm last night and haven’t slept much.
Here’s a pic before I showered with the bra and gauze.

And here’s a pic of the boobies!!!! 

lots of swelling going on and my mom informed me the doc had to do some liposuction on my left breast cuz there was some fat left in there and wanted to make them even. There’s some bruising. I will do another update next week hopefully less swelling by then. 

Breast Cancer ISN’T PRETTY and it isn’t fun whatsoever. It’s NOT just about saving the boobies or free the Tatas day… It’s about saving the women and making them feel somewhat normal again after having their bodies go through total hell!!

Double mastectomy, harsh chemo and losing hair, I was lucky enough to to NOT need radiation but lots of other women do, breast reconstruction in several stages. This was phase 2 for me… I will need one more surgery to do a fat graph in 3-4 months to make them even out more and to be fuller. So again, lots more pain!

I’m just trying to bring awareness and educate those that have NO idea what breast cancer is about! Sorry for the RAW images but if you know me, you know I’m a raw person with NO filter and no shame!

To me and thousands of other survivors, breast cancer awareness isn’t just the month of October, it’s every freakin day!! So please remember us and realize that this cancer has changed our lives forever and though some can bounce back immediately and have no other issues, lots of us that are survivors have had a horrible experience and will always have issues for life.

Not only do I have to keeps going with the Herceptin infusions (hormone blocker) but the oncologist has started me on a pill hormone blocker(tamoxifen) and I have to take this for 10 years!!! That’s 10 long miserable years of hot flashes and menopause symptoms. Not fun!

I will talk to my oncologist about getting a full hysterectomy so I don’t have to go through all this anymore. I don’t know if I can handle hot flashes for 10 freakin years.
Stay tuned for more updates!
Love y’all!

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