OMG, I can’t even begin to tell you HOW excited I am to be finished with this poison!!! I mean for reals!!! no more feeling yucky or headaches or diarrhea or body aches or anything bad!!!! I can start dieting and drinking beer/margaritas on the weekends with my family and having a life again!!! it’s time to start recovering and enjoying my kids and family and my LIFE more!!!!

I still have to do the hormone blockers (Herceptin) but thats every 3 weeks for the next 9 months… no steroids or nausea meds or antacids or benadryl or anything else just the hormone blocker and thats it… an hour and a half in the chair not 4-5 hours! can’t wait! seriously! I can start working again and of course growing my hair!!!!

best thing is I can officially say I’M CANCER FREE! I BEAT BREAST CANCER!!!! I KICKED IT’S ASS!!!!!

DAMN that feels good to say!!!!

Yay for starting Shakeology again and working out!!!! my goal is to lose 80-100 lbs total! but my first goal is to lose 20-30lbs by the new year! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know I can do it, I’ve done it before!!! Time to get my game face on and get started! WOOT!!!

ok here is a pic of my beautiful family showing up and surprising me  at the Cancer Center and a small video I took while broadcasting LIVE on #periscope!

Be sure to follow me on Periscope at @jen_gundlach and follow so many amazing people on there! I am ADDICTED to periscope! so many great speakers on there! check it out for yourselves! it’s the newest hippest form of social media!

click the link below for the video, I can’t embed it here for some reason

My Last Day of Chemo Video Update!

#GODisgood #icandoallthingsthroughChristwhostrengthensme #HEisMYsavior #breastcancersurvivor 

before Chemo during chemo impatiently waiting to finish anthony bringing flowers emotional surprised mess my parents, brother and son my familia! my familia and favorite nurse! :)



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