I can’t believe this is happening to me

Hey everyone, I’ve had a lot going on the past few weeks and it’s time I tell you guys what’s going on. 

Ugh… Where to start…. So on March 25th I was laying in bed and I rolled over and thought I laid on a dog bone/toy that one of the pups put on my bed, when I looked there was nothing there. So as I kinda freaked out I started to examine my breasts and found a large lump. I do self exams all the time but this time was different! I think with my recent 13 lb weight loss I was able to find this lump easier than if I was a little bit heavier.
So the very next morning I called my gyno and made an appt and he saw me the very next day! He did an exam on me and felt the lump that I did. He referred me to Solis women’s imaging center and I called them immediately and made my appt.
on April 1st I had my first ever mammogram and sonogram done on my breasts. Let me just say that mammograms suck!!! Those machines plaster the girlies super flat and let me tell you that with a hard lump it makes the process painful! I had tears in my eyes!  After the tests the Dr came in and showed me what she found. 3 areas of concern. 2 small cysts that she called fibroids and the large lump I found was a different type of mass. She then told me my results…… I have breast cancer. She said she was 98% sure it was cancerous but wanted me to come back and do some biopsies to make sure 100%!
So April 8th I went in and had biopsies done. I went in and they started on the smaller cyst first to get that out of the way. They numbed me up with lidocaine and did the biopsy ( which I felt a pinch from hell!) and stuck a special titanium marker in me so for future mammograms they know that area has been seen and tested. When they moved on to the large lump I found (on my right breast by the nipple) I told her to double the lidocaine since I felt the other one. She went in and started to put the guide and I told her I felt it and it hurt so she put in a 3rd dose of lidocaine and went in…. I was fine until she took the sample and OMG did that sucker hurt! I literally jumped off the table and kicked my legs so high I almost kicked the dr in the head! That area was NOT numb and it felt like someone sliced through my nipple from the inside out! That was the most worst pain I have EVER felt in my life! I was bawling like a baby!!! I was bawling so hard I was hyperventilating! The poor Dr was so scared she had tears in her eyes she felt SO bad for causing me so much pain and said that she has never seen anything like that in her whole career! This was the first time the lidocaine DIDN’T work!
After a solid hour of bawling and hyperventilating I calmed down enough to talk and she told me that I would have the results of the biopsies by Friday afternoon or Monday the latest.
So now it’s a waiting game. I have a strong prayer circle and I believe that God will answer our prayers!
In the event that this DOES turn out to be the malignant type of tumor and I indeed have cancer I will be having a double mastectomy and maybe shortly after  I will have implants. I am leaving this all up to God and I know things will be ok no matter what! I have faith and I have my amazing family and friends and everything will be ok!
I will update you guys when I learn more! I just can’t stand by living life and stressing out with yall not knowing what’s going on. So there ya go! It’s all out there now!
Thank you to my beautiful family and friends for their continued support and prayers and help and I love you guys with all my heart!!!
Ladies please please please check your boobies!!! It’s better to catch this early and take care of it now before it’s too late!!!  



One thought on “I can’t believe this is happening to me

  1. Natalie Mae Photography says:

    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42. She had a single mastectomy. It was definitely a scary and uncertain time, but she’s been in remission for 17 years now. I wish you the very best of luck and hope you get good news!!

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